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The YBA Workforce NOW website is one of York County’s primary resources for information about careers in the construction trades. Students, parents, educators & employers can find useful posts and the latest news on our blog.

Local Builders Association Launches Video Series to Dispel Myths and Close the Skilled Trades Gap

Nov 5, 2019 | News

November 5, 2019 – YORK, PA - The York Builders Association recently released a series of videos designed to promote the many opportunities for career success within the skilled trades.

The videos were launched under the YBA WorkforceNOW brand  a program committed to closing the skills gap and putting systems in place to help connect schools, students, parents, mentors and companies in the York County community in support of rebuilding the workforce.

The skilled labor shortage is currently at unprecedented levels with the gap between open jobs and workers available to step into those jobs about 1.1 million jobs wide. The number of available jobs will only continue to increase as Baby Boomers retire, putting the estimated number of skilled trades jobs available by 2028 at 3 million. With workers in high demand, the salaries for skilled trade jobs continue to increase and many skilled trade jobs offer on-the-job training with little or no education expense.

According to 2019 YBA President and YBA WorkforceNOW Committee Chair Shonna Cardello, “College is not for everyone and there are literally thousands of high-paying jobs that do not require a college degree. There are employers right here in York County offering on-the-job training, paid apprenticeships, and highly sought-after skills sets that provide an excellent alternative to college and long-term student loan debt.”

The video series features members of the York Builders Association and local organizations committed to the WorkforceNOW efforts focused on educating students, parents and teachers about the many stable and rewarding options for successful careers in the trades.

In collaboration with the York Builders Association, the videos were produced by Richard Prensner Video Production in Harrisburg, PA.

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