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Highway Construction / Guide Rail Truck Driver

Highway Construction Truck Drivers play an important role in highway construction crews. If you like working with and driving trucks and other equipment, enjoy physical labor and can pass the requirements for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), learn more about Highway Construction/Guide Rail Truck Drivers.

What is It?

A Highway Construction/Guide Rail Truck Driver drives a commercial vehicle and a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License is required. Responsibilities might include loading and unloading trucks, properly securing loads, inspecting truck equipment and maintaining truck logs. Drivers may also assist the highway construction crew with the installation and repair of guide rail products using physical labor, hand and power tools and other machinery.

Training Opportunities

CDL Required, On-the-job Training Provided for Guide Rail Duties, First Aid/CPR Training Annually, Forklift and Flagger Training Provided

Equipment Used

Commercial Motor Vehicle, Forklift, Cut-off Saw, Sledgehammer, Shovel/Digging Iron

Other Types of Positions

Operator | Crew Leader/Foreman | Superintendent
Potential Hourly Wages

$19 to $23

Some Prevailing Wages

Entry Level

Tasks May Include

Load/unload and operate a commercial motor vehicle.

Assist with installation/repair of guide rail products.

So Many Options

Don’t Enjoy Physically Challenging Work?

From craftsmen to project managers, designers, builders, operations & office jobs. There is literally a role in the skilled trades that aligns with most any skill set or passion!