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Highway Construction / Guide Rail Laborer

If physically challenging outdoor work and being part of a larger crew responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of roadways sounds like a role that suits you, consider exploring a career in highway construction.

What is It?

Working as a Highway Construction/Guide Rail Laborer may cover a broad range of work, including highways, bridges, and street building projects. Duties might include operating tools, equipment, and heavy machinery, loading and unloading, installing, signs, cones & barricades, installing, repairing and maintaining guide rails, and more.

Training Opportunities

On-the-job Training, First Aid/CPR Training Annually, Forklift and Flagger Training Provided

Equipment Used

Cut-off Saw, Sledgehammer, Shovel/Digging Iron, Air Wrench

Other Types of Positions

Truck Driver | Operator | Crew Leader/Foreman | Superintendent
Potential Hourly Wages

$16 to $20

Some Prevailing Wages

Entry Level

Tasks May Include

Set posts to be hammered into ground.

Hand dig holes to set posts.

Hang new guide rail panel.

Load/unload materials.

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