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Skilled trade careers offer job security, excellent pay, meaningful work, opportunity for growth, and in most cases, you can skip the college debt entirely.

Open Your Mind to the Possibilities!

If you are considering a career in construction, you’ve come to the right place! There are many skilled trade paths you can take in the construction industry.

First, if you’re feeling unclear about your future, take a breath! That’s completely normal. If you think about it, this expectation that students just finishing high school are expected to know which career path is meant for them is kind of wild. Sure, some young kids and teenagers know from an early age what they want to do with their lives but trust us, that is not typical! That hesitancy and frustration in identifying THE CAREER PATH for you are normal and exactly why considering the skilled trades is an ideal option.

Skilled Trade Job Descriptions

A skilled trades career does not have to be narrow or limited, you can continue to learn new skill sets throughout your career and, in most cases, you won’t have to pile on a bunch of student debt to acquire those skills! Ready to get started?  Check out a sampling of skilled trade roles, including information on training, pay, and day-to-day responsibilities.

Construction Laborer

Are you interested in operating machines and staying physically active on the job? If working on jobsites sounds like fun and you’re a team player, consider a construction laborer role.

Fabricator / CNC

If you enjoy mechanical challenges, equipment set-up, using hand tools, and measuring instruments, and have an eye for details, a career as a CNC Operator may be right for you!

Fencing / Outdoor Installer

If you love working outside, are interested in learning basic construction skills, and using various tools, and don’t mind physical labor and a variety of weather conditions, keep reading about a career as a Fencing/Outdoor Installer.

Highway Construction / Guide Rail Laborer

If physically challenging outdoor work and being part of a larger crew responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of roadways sounds like a role that suits you, consider exploring a career in highway construction.

Highway Construction /  Guide Rail Truck Driver

Highway Construction Truck Drivers play an important role in highway construction crews. If you like working with and driving trucks and other equipment, enjoy physical labor and can pass the requirements for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), learn more about Highway Construction/Guide Rail Truck Drivers.

HVAC Service Tech Installation

Do you have a good balance of technical and mechanical skills? Does understanding how Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems work and trouble-shooting problems sound interesting? Consider a career in HVAC!

Plumbing Service Technician

Are you a critical thinker? If you like working with your hands, have patience and good interpersonal and problem-solving skills, you might want to consider becoming a Plumbing Service Technician.

Remodeling / Building Office Assistant

If you are organized, reliable, enjoy working with people and interested in finding a role in the construction trades, an entry level role as an office assistant is an ideal opportunity to help others and learn the business.

A Career Path

Explore Training and Job

Opportunities in York County, PA

The York Builders Association introduced the Workforce NOW Foundation to shine a light on the endless opportunities for rewarding and lucrative careers in the trades.

On-the-Job Training

On-the-job training is a common way for employees (typically new hired) to learn a job and the specific tasks and skills needed to perform the job while receiving a paycheck. On-the-job training in the skilled trades can be a combination of observation and hands-on learning.

Opportunities for Skilled Trade On-the-Job Training in York, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Hess Ornamental Iron, Inc. (Windsor)

Servants (Red Lion)

York Excavating Co. LLC (York)

Regal Inc.- Plumbing, HVAC & Home Automation (York)

Trump Lawn and Land Company (York)


A skilled trade Internship is a short-term job opportunity (sometimes paid and sometimes unpaid) with an organization that gives students exposure to the construction trades industry and, in some cases, particular skilled trade roles. Summer Internships are common, but skilled trade Internships are not limited to summertime. An Internship can often result in full-time job offers.

Opportunities for Skilled Trade Internships in York, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Servants – Unpaid Internship (Red Lion)

York Excavating Co. LLC – Paid Internship (York)

Regal Inc.- Plumbing, HVAC & Home Automation – Paid Internship (York)


Skilled trade Apprenticeships are a formal on-the-job training opportunity for workers to earn while they learn, gain valuable experience, complete coursework, and ultimately earn credentials.

Opportunities for Skilled Trade Apprenticeships in York, PA, and Surrounding Areas

York Excavating Co. LLC (York)

Central PA Chapter Independent Electrical Contractors (Mechanicsburg/York)

James Craft & Son Inc. (Manchester)

Regal Inc.- Plumbing, HVAC & Home Automation (York)


A Skilled Trade Mentorship is a relationship in the workplace between an experienced professional in the field or role and a less experienced one. Mentorships typically differ slightly from Apprenticeships as the sharing of information – or mentoring – focuses on much more than just the job and the skills needed to complete the job. Mentorship also focuses on leadership skills and management development.

Opportunities for Skilled Trade Mentorships in York, PA, and Surrounding Areas

York Excavating Co. LLC (York)

Regal Inc.- Plumbing, HVAC & Home Automation (York)

Company Funded Training/Education

Many organizations hiring for in-demand skilled trade roles offer formal training or education for employees at the company’s expense. Details may vary depending on the situation, but the general premise is that this can be a win-win situation for the company. Although the company bears the cost of the employee training, they often see it as an investment in their resources.

Opportunities for Company Funded Training/Education in York, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Hess Ornamental Iron, Inc. (Windsor)

Servants (Red Lion)

York Excavating Co. LLC (York)

Regal Inc.- Plumbing, HVAC & Home Automation (York)

Trump Lawn and Land Company (York)

Build Your Future

Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing is a great way to learn about a particular role and learn more about the company culture at the same time. Job Shadowing typically involves learning about a job from an experienced employee by following them throughout their workday. Job Shadowing might be a method of training new employees, or an opportunity offered to job candidates to get a feel for the work and the environment.

Are you a high school student curious about the skilled trades and interested in learning more about a specific type of construction trade profession? We can help you find a one-day job shadowing opportunity in York County, PA!

Employers, does your company offer internships, mentorships, on-the-job training, etc?

Job Board

Visit our job board to explore careers in the skilled trades and current job opportunities in York, PA, and surrounding areas. Companies that are members of the York Builders Association post jobs on this platform. Check back often to see the latest opportunities.

Fulfilling Future

Most Skilled Trade Professions Pay Well and Don’t Require a Degree

It’s true. Not only can you avoid out-of-control tuition rates when you pursue a career in the skilled trades, but you’ll find that careers in construction pay very well. Based on information from the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES), Bureau of Labor Statistics, (2020), some trade professionals make just as much, if not more, than college graduates.

With a career in construction, you can become financially secure fairly quickly rather than struggle to pay off student debt for the next few decades. As a matter of fact, there’s a good chance you can get paid to learn a skilled trade!