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Want a fulfilling career that offers high pay and high growth opportunities, job security and a multitude of career pathways that don’t require a four-year degree? The future is in your hands when you build a career in the skilled trades.


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Explore skilled trade careers, current opportunities, apprenticeships, mentorships, on-the-job training and more!


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Access resources detailing various positions, statistics, and more that can help you and your student make confident career choices!


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Connect with employers, training programs and find information that will help you guide students as they explore professions in the skilled trades.

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We’re looking for the next generation of skilled trade professionals! By 2028, there will be 3 million skilled trade roles that need to be filled. This means there’s a world of opportunity for young people to build meaningful careers and a better future in the construction industry.

College is NOT the only path to success! The skilled trades could be your path to a rewarding career offering job security, lucrative pay, and a lifetime of opportunities without a mountain of student debt.

Learn about the roles that make as much or more than college grads

Explore training, opportunities and connect with local employers

Apply for trade and tools scholarships for students in York County
Most Grads Pay

Around $127K for

A College Degree

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Career Construction Day

Local students get a first-hand look at opportunities with local employers

Career Exploration

What trade suits you? Discover a career path you love in the skilled trades.


Students in York County, PA can apply for trade, tool, and traditional scholarships.


Want more details? We have the resources and connections you need!

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Future Workforce

We need your help to share our message and begin creating a pipeline of skilled workers!


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See what is possible! Get the insights, stats and strategies you need to build your career with confidence.

Workforce NOW Foundation Annual Fundraiser Reception

Join the York Builders Association Workforce NOW Foundation and its Board of Directors on Tuesday, March 19, for our Annual Fundraiser Reception. Location: Wyndham Garden York When: Tuesday, March 19, 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM Event details coming soon! Thank you to our...

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See what is possible! Get the insights, stats and strategies you need to build your career with confidence.